From the arid deserts of the American Southwest...a legend was born. A group of drifters, trying to find their way back home to the great (and greasy) state of New Jersey, struggled to navigate the seemingly barren wasteland. The group consisted of a strongman, a doctor, two scholars, a yogi, and a painfully average white male...all equally oppressed by the climate.
After days of wandering, finding sustenance only from cactus juice and the consumption of small desert reptiles, the group discovered a giant temple, worn down by the whipping sands of time. Desperately seeking refuge, they entered the temple and were met with an eerie sense of calm. The giant structure was void of any other presence...or so they thought. The walls were decorated with ancient, facial shapes of a civilization long passed. The troupe continued to explore, as they disappeared deep into the confines of the temple.
A faint melody was picked up by the keen ears of the strongman. The weary travelers followed the sound until that arrived at the source; a room with a closed door, the sound of the melody creeping through the cracks of the door. On the surface of the door, another interesting shape was displayed. A cactus donning a mustache, wearing a sombrero. Strange. They entered the room to find a little music box playing on the floor. They listened intently, as the melody was bizarre and unlike anything any of them could recall hearing before. At the end of the tune, the music box simply reset itself and began to play the melody again, as the music box opened and blinded the group with a brilliant, white light.

The group awakened, back in New Jersey, with no recollection of how they traveled home. They could also inexplicably play music as a band. Their sound was a blend of dynamic rock music with powerful brass melodies. They called it "Power Mariachi." This newly acquired gift allowed the newly formed band to develop a deep friendship through the art of music. To pay homage to their experience in the desert, the band chose the name "Amigos, Amigos!" in an effort to inspire others to bond with each other by making music together.

.....or they are just a prog-rock band from North Jersey who love playing music together and having fun. Whatever puts sour cream on your taco!